Was ist der Footprint Chart? +++ Erklärung & Anleitung 2020

Technicals? Fundamentals??? What y'all fussin bout?? smh

I reckon most of you realize that most of the time, we have this age old debate TA or FA. I feel the discussions moots when you bank on one overtime because you notice they both function. Big funds and and exchanges that affect the price aggregators (im not only talking bout the retail forex but actual currencies also changing hands) do so while regarding sentiment built on macro economic factors(they have to make good decisions or risk their reserves/portfolios going busst) and these in turn are relayed to the technical trader who can recognize the footprints of the orders these institutions deal with. Also a fundamental junky is on the info which a lot of times also involves other technicals(like charts, yield curves blah blah) revolving around whatever currency/commodity they pick. Also a lot of technical patterns are based of fundamental 'theories' or 'thesis' and relay fundamental occurrences.
Here for example, you see OIL. The price traded in a channel over 4 years, the price gets quite efficient in the channel range(becomes steady around certain price) In a lot of cases the upward channel is considered bearish because it shows a constant accumulation of more expensive shorts (which is good because you sell high) and boom it goes on ahead to break it and test the base of the structure.
At the same time, with ties to the looming financial crisis, the price of oil was chopped and this kind of props the dollar (and prolly few other securities assets blah blah) kind of postponing the crashes happening, or rather easing them. look it up lol...
To me, THEY ARE TWOFOLD concepts that heavily influence the same idea. You just have to trust in ur top-down whichever direction you go. And don't be a forex frat bro 'fundamentals is king' 'technicals blah blah..' typa bank dealer. smh good day
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The Digital Asset Age

The Digital Asset Age


Bitcoin has been the best performing asset class over 10 years of any asset in history of humanity. PERIOD.

This chart shows gains over different time periods.

*Note that it does not include the first 2 years of Bitcoin when price was $.003 which would put it at 433,000,000% gain.

It is currently at approximately 200 Billion market cap, and I believe it still has another 100-1000x gain over next 20-30 years which would put it between 20 Trillion to 200 Trillion. For perspective Gold is currently around 7.8 Trillion - Probably closer to double this if you include gold not publicly accounted for, as many think China and Russia have much more gold than they say.

Where I get my estimate:

*Bitcoin is superior to Gold in almost every way. I'd put it at 2-3 times better than gold in terms of value and usability.It is:*More Transportable and portable both (Sending, and carrying)*More divisible, into 1/100,000,000th of a Bitcoin*More Secure if store properly - See brain wallet or paper wallet*Scarce - It has finite supply, gold, while more scarce than most other asset classes, and the 2nd hardest money behind Bitcoin... is not finite, with massive stores in the earth, some being found in the ocean now, and in the future on asteroids and other planets, not to mention that it is possible to create gold in a lab, but not cost effective... yet.*Is not used in commerce, and this is debatable, but the perfect form of money should not be influenced by the demand of the commodity in industry. I forget the economist who stated this long before Bitcoin was created, anyone remember? Maybe Friedrich Hayek or Milton Friedman?
That alone gets us to 20 Trillion. Especially over a 20-30 year timeline, as Gold would likely have been probably 50 Trillion by then just by normal increase in world assets proportionally (If Bitcoin had not come along to disrupt).

Additionally to gold, Bitcoin disrupts the following industries and asset classes:

*The worlds currencies M0, M1, M2, M3
*Stolen value through inflation, the hidden tax
*Securities markets - Stock speculation
*Treasury bonds*Other precious metals - Silver, Platinum etc
*Other safe haven assets and hedges
*Payment systems like Venmo, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard
*Remittance systems like Moneygram & Western Union
*Bank Values which are in the double digit trillions
*Storage Vaults and security services like storage of gold, cash
*Currency exchanges like Forex and physical kiosks
*Money changers who move money in and out of countries with currency controls*Transportation services like Brinks
*All of the associated services that go into maintaining the employees of all of the above services... The cost of employment, living expenses, insurances, transportation to buildings, and all of the carbon footprint that goes with all of that.
*The list goes on and on

These are all industries that were needed before, but are no longer needed and will provide a HUGE boost in efficiency and prosperity across all individuals who decide to adopt the new system. All of that wasted inflation and value will now be given to all in the way of lowered costs of doing business and transacting, and no more stolen inflation funds. Not to mention that you can't put a price on Censorship resistance, privacy, and freedom.

What will you do? Will you cling to the old system, or follow the smart money into The Digital Asset Age? (Name of the book I'm writing)
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Question for people who have switched to futures:-

Do you still trade the same way that spot-forex leads you to (candles + indicators) or is it all new-fangled stuff like footprint charts and ladders?
If you were a swing trader before, are you still a swing trader? Or are you position trading, or "ultra" short term scalping?
The platforms for futures I'm trialling seem more geared toward tick-by-tick increments, with a VERY narrow DOM which seems to be more like ultra tiny scalps.
Cheers, CK
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Recent USD trade I took: setup and reasoning (only using PA and risk mgmt)

Here's a recent trade I took (used DXY for charting and /DX and EURUSD to enter). I see a lot of setups in the sub using TA, and decided to put up a setup of how to use only PA and good risk management. Set up and reasoning are on the chart; feel free to ask questions.
This is a pretty common setup and strategy and can be used on any forex pair, futures contract, etc. Proper risk management with R>2 is preferred. Combine this setup with footprint charts and cumulative delta and you have a strategy that yields few setups each setup is a high probability winner.
I posted DXY chart because one can trade the setup in both the euro and swissy using the DXY setup. Furthermore, I cannot chart DX_F in tradingview cause I do not pay for the ICE data.
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Footprint Chart Description - YouTube Pre FOMC Scalping with Footprint Charts - 21st Sept 2016 Footprint Chart Trading: The Best Tool For Trading ... Using Order Flow / Footprint Chart In Your Trading - YouTube Footprint Chart No. 1 5 Strategies In 1 Session - Footprint Chart Trading  Axia Futures

The ATAS Order Flow Trading Software offers orderbook trading, chart trading, different footprint charts, and more professional functions. The biggest advantage of this software is that it is a very userfriendly program. It is not the cheapest software but very easy to use and configure. Beginners should feel comfortable with it in a few days. Also, you can test it for free. Read our full ... When considering the Forex footprint chart mt4, you’ll observe rectangles of different lengths: this is so-called horizontal volume profile. The length of stripes depends on the number of contracts traded at the given price. You may also notice two columns showing numbers. The left-side column displays the number of Sell trades, and the right-side column displays the number of Buy trades. As ... Xtick Charts – For you forex traders looking for a footprint chart package, XTick delivers. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any functioning products for MT4 or MT5. If you have, please leave a comment! AMS Trading Group – They are the founders of DeltaPrint. I’m not familiar with them but they offer a free trial so check them out. Ninja Trader – Ninja trader pro suite offers an order ... Footprint and Market Profile analysis, forex and futures XTick v6 . Beta version XTick v6 is a professional Footprint and Market Profile software. It supports Market Profile charts for different timeframes and also about 20 types of Footprint charts. The system works in realtime in forex market and MOEX exchange (Russian stocks/futures data are available). We are working to add US ... Futures Footprint Charts 2 replies. Secret footprint in the markets 127 replies. can anyone guide me how to profit from footprint chart 7 replies. Dax MT4 delta and imbalance footprint chart 24 replies. Tape, footprint and order book trading 4 replies Futures Footprint Charts Post # 1; Quote; First Post: Nov 22, 2015 4:20pm Nov 22, 2015 4:20pm DaGrizlyBull Joined Sep 2011 Status: Hybrid 413 Posts. Hello, Can anyone here tell me where i can find a service that provides free forex futures footprint charts with PAST DATA so I can backtest a strategy (like spot forex has demo accounts on every broker)? Thank you very much I don't need ... Each Footprint combines price and volume to act as a thermometer of price strength and then alerting through color. As a rule footprint charts applied to stocks or futures, however we adopted it to forex market too. In XTick you can see footprint charts in different ways. In this image you see the 'classic' footprint charts, it displays buyers ... Mit dem Footprint Chart können Sie alle börsengehandelten Werte ansehen. Dazu zählen Terminkontrakte (Futures), Aktien, ETFs, Staatsanleihen oder Rohstoffe. Forex (Spot) und CFDs können nicht mit dem Footprint Chart analysiert werden. Für das Forex Trading muss dann der Terminkontrakt gewählt werden. Footprint indicator Introduction itcFootprint is an indicator for Orderflow and footprint. itcFootprint displays data of the tape (ask and bid ticks) as footprint bars. The indicator also displays a statistic panel helping the trader for quick and easy data interpretation with powerful tools like delta analysis, divergence analysis, volume structure, finished business in the extremes Features ... Historie. Die sogenannten Footprint Charts wurden im Jahr 2002 an der CME entwickelt und sind seit 2003 für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglich.. Footprint Charts sind also im Vergleich zu anderen Charts ein noch recht „junger“ Charttyp. Footprint Charts sind der einzige Charttyp, der erst nach der Einführung des elektronischen Handels entstanden ist.

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Footprint Chart Description - YouTube

95% Winning Forex Trading Formula - Beat The Market Maker📈 - Duration: 37:53. ... Making the Footprint Chart Easy to Read with the Volume Imbalance - Duration: 56:47. marketdelta 40,631 views ... The footprint chart is a unique trading tool as it visually shows you what occurred at each traded price and helps to understand the positioning being built by market participants. Learning to use ... https://www.easyeminitrade.com This video will show how you can incorporate the use of Order Flow/Footprint chart into your emini Futures day trading. You ca... This is a clip from our "Let's Talk About Footprint Charts" webinar where creator of the Footprint chart, Trevor Harnett, talks about Footprint charts, what ... No Nonsense Forex Recommended for you. 32:00. Das GAB´s noch NIE! Footprint Chart Trading für Daytrader! Erklärt für Volumen Trading Anfänger - Duration: 10:13. Trading für Anfänger ... Watch the full video on a free two week trial at https://www.AxiaFutures.com/ In this footprint trading session, Brannigan shows us how the footprint chart c...